Online Dangers Parents Need To Be Aware Of When They Have A Child Using Social Media

The use of social media is harmful and dangerous for adults, and it is much more for children. Children use social media in excess and don’t understand. We believe that the safety of our children must be tracked, so their mental health doesn’t get affected in silence. We must, as parents, protect them at all costs.


Cyberbullying has become common. Track your child’s phones to make sure they are not victims of bullying. People are quick to body shame, write sadistic comments and make remarks that might hurt your child’s mental state. Using phone spy technology helps to make sure your child has not become a victim in the mad world of social media.

Identity theft

Children, without thinking, put content related to their personal lives—anything from having a pet to their address or phone number. Social predators or identity thieves thrive on such information. They’re gaining information served with a few clicks on the social media pages.

Talk to your children about such dangers as it can lead to an unwanted result. Using the spy phone app helps you keep track of your child’s activities. Children make mistakes and learn from them. Sometimes, it gets too late and you, as parents, can make sure it doesn’t happen at all.


Chandler, in the hit show FRIENDS, clicked on an e-mail he received on Ross’ computer. It installed a virus on the computer that deleted files on the hard disk.

It’s the truth. Adults understand through multiple warnings from every source not to click on such files or go to a link that says you’ve won a lottery. Do our kids?

Online predators and many hackers created such malware and viruses, so they could gain access to sensitive information. We must help our children understand they shouldn’t click on such links. You can:

  • 1. Browse with them and study harmful links and websites that are dangerous.
  • 2. Ensure they feel safe to approach you to ask about a link that looks suspicious, and explain why they can or can’t click on it.
  • 3. Gain more knowledge yourself by reading such articles to learn more, so much that it becomes intuition.
  • 4. Try using a spy phone app.

Final Words

The dangers of social media are grave. It doesn’t mean that your children shouldn’t be allowed to use them. Social media has its benefits too. It always helps if you’re aware and you learn about the benefits and dangers. Technology is great if we use it well.

Try our spy phone app and protect your child. It’s easy to uninstall too.

The Case for Using Smartphone Monitoring Apps On Your Child’s Phone

Kids use smartphones a lot nowadays. The Corona pandemic has made children spend more time online. While smartphones help in learning and allow children to be in touch with family, they are many cons. Kids may knowingly or unknowingly use the smartphone to access inappropriate content. The internet can be a dangerous place where stalkers can befriend children and take advantage of them. Internet addiction is a problem and some children may go the wrong way when using a smartphone.

All this calls for parents to step in. Parents can counsel their children and educate them about the safe and responsible usage of smartphones. However, children will have friends and make acquaintances online who can lead them astray. In such a time, parents have a responsibility. They need to safeguard their children online. If the child is going in the wrong direction, a parent needs to know and protect the child’s interests. One way of doing this is by using a spy phone app.

Smartphone monitoring app

Parents who wish to monitor the smartphone usage of their kids can use a phone spy app. This is an app that helps them to know what their children are up to. This app is officially available on the Android and iOS platforms. It can be installed by letting your children know that the app is being installed to protect their interests. You can also install it without telling them if you have serious concerns about their smartphone usage.

How the app would help

This kind of app is very useful for parents. It would address all their concerns regarding smartphone usage by children. The feature of such an app would include:

  • The app would help monitor incoming and outgoing calls with all details.
  • The GPS location can be known. This will help the parent to know where the child is at any time.
  • All apps installed on the phone are accessible using the spy app. This will help the parents to know what the child is doing.
  • A web browser can be used to track data from the app. The parent can know at any time what the child is doing using the phone.
  • Viewing files on the phone can help find out the photos/video recorded by the child.

Using a smartphone monitoring app may look like invading a child’s privacy. But in the larger interests of the child, this monitoring can help safeguard their interest.

The Great Debate: Should You Ban Your Kids From Social Media Till They’re Older?

Every age had something which one generation feared that would corrupt the next. Has the belief ever proved true? Each parent should find time to think about the things that were considered taboo during their childhood by adults.

Our Age of Technology

We live in an age of information that is available to everybody due to advances in technology. Technology has become an inseparable aspect of learning and schooling. There is no stopping a child from getting access to social media. This is a fact that cannot be denied. What we can do as responsible adults and parents is to find sensible methods to ensure that our children use social media for creative purposes.

The “For Argument”

All civilized nations have norms for the following:

  • i. Use of tobacco.
  • ii. Use of alcohol.
  • iii. Age for getting married.

All the above limitations are based on age, so why not an age limit for social media?

Social media use cannot be compared to tobacco or liquor use. It is like certain clothing or food that is an individual choice. It is part of life like real-life peer groups that cannot be denied.

The “Against Argument”

We know from our own experience that we were always able to stay one step ahead of our parents and teachers. Do you think that a new age child is dumb? Children think that we are dumb because we never heard of a particular alien attack game!

The Positives of Social Media

Now that we are ready to come out of denial mode, let us do some proactive thinking. Other than the cliché pros of social media like bonding etc., it has many advantages.

  • i. A class group on a social media platform where the teachers and students interact regarding lessons, homework, and questions is very popular. In many nations, parents also participate in such groups.
  • ii. Many use social media for effective collaboration to complete projects and assignments.
  • iii. Topic-specific groups provide lectures and essays by known experts that were not accessible in a previous age.
  • iv. Important announcements from school authorities or changes in events are conveyed with the click of a key to all concerned parties in a second.

No doubt, it is very easy to abuse this freedom. We should discuss and find ways to counter that.

Installing a Spy Software for the Safety of Family Members

A good phone spy software has the following features to ensure the safety of your children:

  • i. The GPS locator keeps you informed of his or her real-time location at all times.
  • ii. You know about their browsing history time.
  • iii. You will be able to keep track of all contacts on your child’s phone.
  • iv. You can discover the identity of contacts.

The spy phone app also comes with a panic button for use by the child during emergencies.

Instead of denying a child access to social media, cleverly allowing the same will make him or her more responsible. What is the need to ban social media when responsible parents can monitor their kids’ activities?

The Safest Online Games For Kids To Enjoy During Christmas

It might be difficult for parents to constantly spy on their children's online habits. Using a spy phone app, you as parents can understand what online platforms children stream. Christmas is the time to celebrate and enjoy. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, children cannot go and play with their friends this festive season.

Here are some safe online games that children can enjoy this Christmas -

  • 1.

This is a safe place for children to play fun Christmas themed games. It is a cute themed website that has different cabins that the child can click on and access different games. This website is designed for children with stories and games that are safe. Parents do have to worry. It can also be seen on the spy phone app, which helps keep a check on the children's online presence.

  • 2. Reindeer Cam.

This is a portal that is very interactive. This website is perfect for children who love reindeer and all things Santa Claus. There are multiple videos on this website that shows live footage of reindeer eating their food with Christmas music in the background. It is a great way to understand animals and appreciate them. This website also has videos where Santa reads out Christmas stories and has interactive sessions with the children.

  • 3. Safe kids’ games.

As the name of the website suggests, this is a gaming website that has very child-friendly learning games like bubble pop, Santa run, and other fun little activities. It has games for children ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 8. It is a winter wonderland. These games are safe and easy to use. It is also easy to detect on a spy phone app if you are concerned about the website.

  • 4. Cake Decorate.

"Cake decorate" is an app and a website that children can use to virtually decorate cookies and cakes. It is a fun cooking game that is slightly addictive. It brings the children right into the festive spirit. This game also unleashes the creative side of your children. It is a protected application with no hyperlinks to any wrong websites.

These are some of the safest portals that kids can enjoy during Christmas. It is very understandable that parents are nervous about their children's activities online and can use their phones to spy on children. These websites and games are nothing to be concerned about. However, on the phone spy app, you can put a filter where you will get a notification if there is anything concerning happening. These games will ensure your children have a fun virtual Christmas celebration.

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