Cell Phone Tracker Features

Starting with an example.

Have you ever heard of an app that can track your location and inform you of your loved one’s activity so that you can be tension-free about their safety and security?

Yes, you heard it right. My close friend Mac has an app installed on his phone named Spy phone. Through this app, Mac monitors his child’s location and activity even when he is not around them. This app keeps him connected with his child all the time and helps him to ensure their safety. 

Every time his child enters or exits the safety zones, previously set by Mac, he gets notified. The Spy phone uses a GPS tracker for a location update, sets safe zones, and instantly notifies the administrators if their loved one enters or exits those zones. 

Location tracking, zone marking, and sending notifications to an exact receiver are some of the different features of geo-fence, that Spy phone is using. 

Geo-fence is a virtual perimeter that works using GPS, RFID, and IP addresses. This is an amazing marketing technology for business owners.

Now, let’s get some brief ideas about cell phone tracker features.

How Geofencing works:

It is a location-based service that allows an app or software to use radio-frequency identification (RFID), GPS, IP, WiFi, and data to fix a target audience and send them advertising texts or notifications.

Geo-fencing creates a virtual border around a specific real world location that is usually used to trigger audience with command. Any time a user enters or leaves a given territory, the administrator can send them notifications through their mobile phone.

A user always moves around with her/his mobile phone. So every now and then, the position is calculated from different sources. WiFi, cellular data, and GPS are the main sources that are used to track a user’s location.

With the updated position of the user, the phone figures out if the he has get in or left any of the geo-fence boundaries.

By knowing users’ positions, this virtual fence can work in different ways. Not always does the user get a notification. Sometimes it remains silent if the administrator wants to know how much the customer comes to his shop.

Geo-fence Applications:

Geo-Fence engages the audience for different purposes. We can use it for our personal safety, parenting control, business purposes, law enforcement, human resources, telematics, public awareness, gathering crowds, identity verification, etc.

Some general uses of geofencing are given below:

  • 1. One can create a virtual fence in his home so to get an alert if any person or device leaves a designed area.
  • 2. It gives an alert to a dispatcher if a vehicle gets distracted from its route.
  • 3. It is also helpful for asset management. An administrator will get an alert if any of his assets or devices leave the geofenced area. A location monitoring facility can save a device from being lost.
  • 4. A local business can detect its customers through geofencing. Also, they can set a target audience who gets text or notifications as soon as they enter the fenced area.
  • 5. The administrator can prevent any kind of unauthorized entry into the geofenced boundary.

Required hardware and software:

Geofence needs no additional hardware or sensors. so that a user can easily enter into a geofence area without even knowing it as they didn’t install any different sensors in their devices.

However, the thing I didn’t mention yet is that Bluetooth frequency is also used to get better accuracy with geo-fences. It is an internet and frequency-based location tracking fence.

Geo-Fence Detection Accuracy:

If you want to create Geo-Fences for your business marketing, you must be aware of their accuracy. You must require some common things, as you’ll enjoy the users to have your app installed on their mobile phones or other devices.

You can build geo fences anywhere, even in your competitors’ shops, to get ideas about their visitors and activities.

But how can you be sure about the accuracy? We all know nothing is guaranteed in this world, but yes, we can measure the probable accuracy rate of a geofence.

There are some restrictions to the size and accuracy of the geofences, that depends on the areas, also on the positioning of the technology.

Mobile Phone: Mobile phones give an accuracy of almost 20-50 meters. It uses native positioning to detect the target audience’s location.

If you built your business app for mobile phones, then this should be the fence size you are aiming for.

Bluetooth positioning: Bluetooth detects a smaller audience than mobile phones. Bluetooth purposes should also be smaller than others. Like, if you want to detect which part of your shop attracts customers the most, if you want to know where they stand in front of which product, then Bluetooth positioning is a good choice for you. It will give you 2 meters of accuracy.

Positioning via GPS: Though it’s not always recommended, GPS positioning can give you some instant assistance. But the thing you should not forget is that it is not good for indoor positions. Only Outdoor Positioning has a requirement for GPS Positioning.

Setting up geofences:

Follow these steps if you want to build virtual fences for your business. They are the first thing to do to grab your target customer.

  • 1. Set up your fence boundaries by selecting physical places.
  • 2. When users enter the fence, they receive text messages or notifications that direct their attention to the business.
  • 3. Analyze campaign effectiveness and take steps for further improvement.

Geo-Fencing technology for parental control:

Parents are always aware of their children's safety and security. They want to make sure their child is in a safe environment. Geo-fencing technology is a great advantage for caring parents.  

An app named "Spy Phone" uses all the Geo fencing facilities to bring a revolutionary change in parental monitoring.  

Let’s get some ideas about the app.  

Spy phone facilities can give you a way to monitor your child’s activities:

So if any parent ever feels like their children may face safety issues or they are getting irrelevant texts or messages, they can take steps to resolve that.   

View contacts: It is the most reliable app for parents. It shows every possible information it may gather. Like name, phone number, picture, address, etc.

It spies on the targeted mobile phone and tracks every detail one may need. Today's world is not only easy but also a difficult world for many reasons.  

At this time, you must be cautious about the people with whom your children are interacting, having conversations, and making plans for their leisure time. Spy phone with geo-fencing technology, giving you most of the benefits you need as a parent.   

Monitoring children's location: Spy Phone is a location tracking app that uses cell phone tracker features to track users' locations. This app is specially built for easy parenting, So that the parents get notified when their child is not around them.   

The Spy phone app sends the location signal of the child’s mobile phone to its server so that the parent can log in to their control panel and know where their child is. We are not a spy app as we clearly seen on the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 1. What kind of devices are used for Geofencing?

Geofence can run on any device that can use WIFI, cellular data, Bluetooth, etc.

For example, mobile phones, laptops, tabs, etc., can use GPS, RFID, cellular data, and WIFI to trigger an audience.

  • 2. What are geofencing restrictions?

Ans: It has geographical restrictions. When you activate this function, you can only monitor and program your devices within a geographical radius.

You can open the main corridor if your phone is within the geofenced boundary. It’s not possible for you to unlock it from a different area that crosses the default radius.

  • 3. Is geofencing an expensive technology?

ANSWER: It is primarily dependent on the Geo-fencing feature. There are a lot of things for which the price varies. What kind of audience are you targeting? What is your impression volume? These are the main facts for pricing.

Suppose you are purchasing 1 million impressions. That will cost you more than your 20 million purchase. The lower you buy, the higher the price is.

Usually, the price ranges between 4-14 CPM.

  • 4. Can I set a geo-fence in my car?

If your car is equipped with a GPS tracking device, then yes. You can set a geofence in your vehicle to be notified of its location.

If it has a GPS device, then it will be able to notify you about its location. Like a pizza delivery company, it tracks its cars' locations to make sure they are not leaving any specific territory.

  • 5. Is there a specific geofencing app?

Answer: Geo fence can work without any apps. It just uses the internet or Bluetooth to run. Only a location tracking function is all you need to run a geofence on your device.

It will combine awareness of users' location with the location of their interest. But there are some apps built to run geofencing, such as EgiGeoZone Geofence, Geo Alert, Squanto GPS, etc.

  • 6. Can I use it without an app?

Answer: Yes, you can. Geofence does not require an app to run. All you need is a device that has internet access or Bluetooth availability. The device will track the location of the users and notify them as per the administrator's command.

  • 7. Is geofencing helpful for marketing research?

Answer: Geofencing is an effective technology for local businesses. It can gather data about a certain community of customers. Also, it helps with the competitors' customer information. You can compare situations from the past and present and make decisions about your future strategy with the help of geofencing.

  • 8. How to create a geofence?


  • Step 1. Click on the Geofence tab from the map screen.
  • Step 2. Choose the type of geofence you require.
  • Step 3. Choose a preferable shape.
  • Step 4. Now give it a name.
  • 9. What do you know about geofence maps?

Answer: Geo fences are the virtual boundaries on a map. When you set boundaries on your required area to track location and audience, you can see if anyone or any object enters the room, leaves, or stays there.

Geofenced areas are being used for different purposes, like safety or business.

  • 10. What is home security geofencing?

Answer: If your home is geofenced, you’ll get security alerts every time someone or any device enters or exits the fenced area. Home geofencing uses some devices, features, and appliances.

With this amazing location-based service technology, you can manage your home, unlock it, and switch it on and off without even entering it. It makes your house a smart home.

  • 11. How does home security geofencing work?

Answer: It is controlled by a Z-Wave-powered smart hub. Like Bluetooth and WiFi, this feature has an extensive range that tracks everything under a fenced area. You can set it via the alarm.com app, and you get access through your mobile location.

  • 12. How much does the Geofencing API cost?

Answer: The API is a pay-as-you-go model. It can help you save some money on using geo-fence technology. After you use all the free requests, it will charge you USD 5 per 1000 hits.

This Custom Geofencing implementation will help you get some free recommendations at first, though it is not free.


The Geo-fencing features in a software program can give you assurance of safety, proper marketing plan, home security, office security, etc.

This amazing real-world boundary created by a virtual fence can have a significant impact on our daily lives.

If you are a business owner, a loving parent, or a great management guy, do not forget geo fencing is for you. Grab your customers, ensure safety for your children, manage your employees' work and safety properly. Use everything you have, stay connected to this real-life virtual world.

Your people are attached to their mobile phones all the time. This is your chance. Don’t miss it! Spy Phone App is not a spy app as we are fully visible.

App is available for free on Google Play & App Store